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I am an airline industry alumni, photographer and journalist

I have been passionate about airlines, aircraft, and commercial aviation since I was a young child.  I follow the industry closely and have been a featured writer, producer, columnist, special guest, consultant and forecast analyst since 2008.  My publications are featured in digital, podcast and print formats.

I have expertise in many domains within the industry
  • Route Planning, Capacity Planning, Aircraft Interior Layouts, and Profitability

  • Joint Ventures, Anti-trust Immunity, Global Airline Alliances, Codeshares and Interlining

  • Aircraft fleeting, Airport Slots and Distribution

  • Governmental Affairs and Freedom of the Skies

  • Airline IT Platforms (Reservations, Call Centre, Day-of-Departure, Check-In) including major providers and Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

  • Human Resources, Corporate Culture and Branding, C-Level and Senior Executive Influence

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