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How do I explain myself as an unconventional person?

I'm a big believer in empowerment and empathy, and how the perfect combination of skillsets can enable individuals, teams, and organizations to unlock unforeseen potential and results that can be sustainable.  I draw from my own personal successes (and failures) to do the absolute best that I can to bring structure, communication, collaboration, and organization to build winning teams.

I was born a go-getter, achieving my Eagle Scout of America award at age 15 to becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor at 25, born from a genuine and honest desire to connect with others, and the world around me, in a manner that is kind, resilient, awkward, brave, and nurturing. I've lived abroad in Chile, Mexico, and Spain. My heritage is of South Asian, Indo-Pak descent.  I speak Spanish as a first language. 


For as long as I can remember, I have cared deeply about bringing these gifts along with me wherever I show-up: whether it's captaining a sports team, organizing a rally, conducting a technical training curriculum to be delivered in a foreign language, launching a podcast, or even hosting and throwing a boat party for an entire class of graduate students (yes, I have done all of these things!) 

My life journey has not followed a particular nor specific path, and I've learned to be comfortable with this and own it proudly as I get older (and hopefully, wiser). There have been rough patches along the way that have stretched me into modes where choosing courage, bravery, vulnerability, and whole-heartedness was my only path to survival.

Thanks for learning about my story.  I hope you are enjoying my website. 

My Career Journey

I graduated from the University of Notre Dame as a double major in Information Technology, Operations and Analytics, as well as Spanish Languages and Literature. I started my career as a systems analyst for Accenture, writing functional and technical documents from the analyze, design, and build phases of a predictive, waterfall-driven project lifecycle.  I flipped badges and went from consulting to industry as a project manager for Southwest Airlines, where I became more well-versed into all aspects of user acceptance testing, quality assurance, pre-production validation, and go-live readiness.


After completing my Executive MBA at the University of Texas at Austin, I returned to Chicago for a brief stint at United Airlines working in International Network Planning, before returning to technology consulting for Slalom. I have since deepened my technical knowledge in Cloud computing, Scrum, Customer Relationship Management, Reporting and Analytics, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Agile methodologies, which allows me to flex across multiple technology disciplines as a project manager and industry subject matter expert.  You can learn more about my specializations by visiting this page

I've dabbled in other side hustles along the way. I became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2012 and have taught thousands of students and classes since at CorePower Yoga. That same year, I launched my own airline and aviation interest blog, eventually leading to my own podcast and monthly column publication in a major aviation magazine. I'm passionate about social causes, continuous learning, connecting with impactful individuals, and mindfulness around critical, time-sensitive needs of our generation.

My Certifications

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